Collar Hack for the Summit Peak

Hi, it’s Amanda from Deriving Mommyhood here to share my latest hacks with you!!

Like most tired moms, I struggle to balance it all, especially fitting in a good workout on occasion. A little motivation in the way of new activewear goes a long way!



The Summit Peak hoodie is definitely a favorite here. I have made my kids quite a few, and even my husband has gotten a couple (and ordered many more) thanks to the new men’s version. So this one was about self care more than anything. The hood on the Summit Peak is amazing, honestly. A nice, cozy scuba hood to snuggle into….but on a run? I want less than that and prefer just a collared zip up. I set off to make it happen, and sharing the modifications I made here.



First, I traced the hood pattern piece (at least the bottom part) on some pattern paper. I determined that I wanted my collar around 3 inches tall so I sketched a curve parallel to the bottom about 3.5” high to allow for seam allowances. Next, I went ahead and eliminated the back seam and straightened it to match the grain, as well as bringing that in a little to take out some of the slouch. I went 1.25” in from the original back seam. I tapered the front a bit too, coming in to start at the inner cut line (even though I was adding a zip, I wanted to take the whole width of the hood in so as to stretch it to fit like a collar) so starting from the inner cut line, I drew a line that tapered in about 1-2”.



I added a small notch at the bottom of the curved piece so I would easily be able to tell top from bottom, as well as marking the center back to make construction easier.



Go ahead and cut a main and lining piece on the fold for the collar, as well as the rest of the hoodie like normal. Make sure you use the zippered version cut lines for the front, pocket, and waist binding pieces.



I constructed the body of the hoodie identically to the original, and the steps to add the collar were the same as adding a hood as well except for some minor changes. Once you get to the steps to add the hood, start by adding the collar main by matching the center backs and edges of the body of the hoodie and the collar. Pin, stretching it slightly to fit, right sides together, and sew with a 3/8” seam allowance. Press that seam towards the collar.



Next, you’ll follow the pattern for adding the zipper in, using the zipper guard if you choose as well. Then, press the bottom of the collar lining up 3/8” and pin the lining right sides together to the collar main, encasing the zipper. These steps match up to the pattern, just the pieces are shaped a little differently.



You’ll stitch the bottom of the collar lining down when you’re done as well (I find that the more pins, the better. Wash away tape is great for this step as well).



There you have it! A collared jacket instead. This would be awesome in a half zip version as well.



I did also add some contrast piping in lemon athletic mesh (from Zenith and Quasar Fabric) to the front and sleeve seams to add some fun to an otherwise black jacket (quilted knit is from So Sew English and ponte on sleeves and cuffs is from Dress Fabrics, the print is Selia from Jumping June Textiles) To add the piping, I cut strips along the width of the fabric that were 1.25” tall, folded in half wrong sides together, and pinned in to the seams where I wanted them. I was as careful as could be on seam allowances to keep the piping as consistent as I could get it.



Now to finish it off, I of course made some Carita Joggers out of the ponte and print. I added a curved line at the bottom of the capri cut line and colorblocked the print in for a sportier look. Now I just need to make myself a Marbella sports bra hack and a Key West Tank and I’ve got a full look!!



Happy Sewing! Can’t wait to see your versions.



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