Summit Peak and Tami Hoodie Comparison

Hello there!  Jody here bringing you a comparison of two of my all time favorite patterns: the Tami Revolution Hoodie, and the Summit Peak hoodie. If ever there was proof that the Tami and Summit Peak patterns should be tied for “Most Popular Pattern Niche Pattern”…. It would be the fact that I currently have a total of 16 Tami or Summit Peaks in my closet! (and that’s not counting the kids version of these that are in each of my kids’ closets!) Both of these patterns are wardrobe staples, and even though they essentially boil down to each being a ‘raglan sleeve hoodie’… there’s so much more to each of them than that!



Summit and Tami Collage



Let’s start by comparing several key aspects of each pattern.  Both are raglan sleeve style hoodies as previously mentioned. Both include a pullover style or zip-front option. Both have thumbhole cuff options. Both have great pocket options!


Even though both of these patterns do have some overall similarities, you’ll find enough variation in the details to need to own both patterns, in my opinion. So let’s explore what those differences are.


Bodice and Pocket Comparison

While the bodice of the Tami Revolution hoodie is a single panel, The Bodice of the summit peak offers a beautiful princess seam detail.  This fun bodice side panel detail provides a great place to show off another fabric choice if you are doing a lot of pattern mixing on your hoodie, or offers a simple detail if you are sticking a solid color.  The side panel also leads into how another variation between the two patterns comes into play, which is in regards to the pockets.  The optional pockets of the Summit Peak hoodie are integrated into that princess seam detail, so that they are an interior kangaroo style pocket.  In contrast, the pocket options of the Tami hoodie are either inseam pockets, or a front kangaroo patch pocket.  I can’t get enough pockets, so having a couple different styles to choose from between these two patterns is perfect!


Summit Peak Pocket


Summit Peak Bodice and Pocket






Tami Pocket




The next significant source of variation between the two patterns is going to be the hoods.  Because the hoods are interchangeable between the two patterns, there’s a huge amount of options to choose from amongst both patterns!  The hood of the Summit Peak is a scuba style hood. (side note: Because of its scuba style shape, the Summit Peak hood lends itself well to the cowl hack previously written up on the blog! {} )  The Tami on the other hand, has a couple different style hoods to choose from. The first option to mention is a standard hood. This is just your plain vanilla, basic hood. This is the hood you would use with the zip up option, but it also works with the pullover option as a basic hood. The next hood option is a crossover style hood, which is visually just a little more interesting in that it overlaps itself across the front, from one front shoulder seam to the other.  Taking the crossover hood one step further brings us to the double hood option, which is an asymmetrical outer hood layered over top of the crossover hood.  This style is not only warm and cozy, but also visually very interesting!


Summit Peak Hood


Summit Peak Hood


Tami Standard Hood


 Tami Standard Hood



Tami Crossover Hood


Tami Double Hood


Tami Double Hood


Zipper Accent

The last difference between the two that I’ll mention, is the fun shoulder zipper accent that the Tami Revolution hoodie includes as an option.  Just another little detail that adds some interest and sets these two patterns apart!



Zipper accent



With all of the options mentioned above, its no wonder I have 16 Tami or Summit hoodies in my closet!  Between the mixing and matching you can do between the hoods and the endless combinations of fabrics you could use on them, the sky is the limit when it comes to these two patterns!

Modeled Photos






Tami Double Hood With Zipper Accent


Summit Peak



Tami with Standard Hood and Zip Front


Summit Peak with Cowl Hack



Girl’s Sizing Tami


Summit Peak in Kid’s Sizing



Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments or share over in our Facebook or on Instagram #patternniche




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  1. Alexandra Taylor

    How do you add a thumbhole cuff to the Summit Peak? I just made those for myself and my kid and didn’t see that option included in the patterns.

      1. PatG

        Do you cut on the cuff option or the non cuff option on the summit to add the thumb hole cuffs?

  2. bobbijojo

    I can’t choose ! I’ve bought a summit pattern on a $5 sale & have not gotten to it as of yet. And maybe the Tami will go on sale next week so I can get it for $5. I love the zipper detail, the double hood (Tami), and I love the hidden pocket and the side panel that you can go with 1 solid color, 2 colors or 3 color options & that is what my eye likes to look at but I can guarantee my hands can’t follow thru somehow with getting the amazing fabrics and pattern matching /contrasting ,colors and looks like an item that the buckle would be getting $129 for everyday that all the pattern niche sewers post on the Facebook page. These garments they sew up lickety split are the most gorgeous pieces I ve seen and I hope that I can get to be half as talented one day. I’m teaching myself with the help of Pattern Niche , of course, YouTube and trial error, sew, rip out stitches, sew, repeat etc. So I don’t get anywhere near 1 pattern a day. I’m more like a week if I get a break from running errands for my family most days. If only I could see like you all my wardrobe would have 16 Tami or Summit peak hoodies too. Sounds like a dream or better yet I think ill mAke it my goal for this year !! Yeah 16 Tami/summit peak and to sew as many as 8 of every pattern I make that looks ok & if I do 8 in a row I can only become 8 times better with the 8th make of each ! I love a nice chat to help me figure out things. Thanks lol

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