TAMI Revolution Nursing Hack

Hey! Have we got something awesome for you breastfeeding ladies! The new TAMI Revolution Hoodie has just been released and we have a fun nursing friendly hack for you.

Sarah Connell will be explaining to you how she achieved this look!

Hello New Horizons fans! I’m Sarah, from Sewing with Sarah. I’m a runner, avid hoodie wearer and mama to twin

boys and a one-year-old daughter. I LIVE in hoodies (and leggings as pants, lets be real here), but hate having to pull them up to expose my belly to nurse (especially in the winter! Brr!). When New Horizons released the TAMI Revolution hoodie, I was thrilled, because I knew it could easily be hacked to allow for nursing access. If you’re like me and have been dying for a nursing hoodie but have been looking for the right pattern/tutorial, you’re in the right spot!

And this pattern makes it SO easy! Are you ready? Grab your supplies, and let’s go!

Cut out and prepare pattern pieces as instructed, but apply interfacing to BOTH sides of the front bodice piece and front sleeve pieces where they will meet the front.

You will also need to cut out a second front for the modesty panel. To do this, hold the pattern piece for the hoodie front up to yourself, taking into account seam allowance at the shoulders. Make a mark about an inch below your bust. For the XXS size, mine ended up being about 11.5 inches down the pattern from the neck. Draw a line here on your pattern piece, and cut out a second front bodice that ends at this line new line to create your modesty panel. Interface the side seams on your modesty panel.

Make sure you have 2 zippers. I used the full 7” of the zipper to make them open wider. You might have to adjust your interfacing to accommodate for the extra zipper length.

Also cut a strip of binding 1 inch wide by 80% of the front neck opening, plus seam allowances.

Optional: stay stitch or apply knit stay tape to the full front at the top. I’ve found this tends to stretch out with handling.

Serge or finish bottom of modesty panel.

Set the panel aside for now.

Sew zippers onto both front/raglan seams on the full front bodice piece. The steps are the same for both sides, so just follow the instructions or video for both sides.

Sew the modesty panel to the zipper on the SLEEVE side only , NOT the bodice side. Keep seam pressed open below zipper to help it lay flatter. You may choose to finish this seam with a serger at the end. When sewing the panel to the zipper, you can just use the same line of stitching you used to attach the zipper sleeve.

Continue to sew sleeves and body together per instructions, making sure tocatch the modesty panel in the side seams. Add cuffs and waistband per pattern.

Add the hoods, but UNZIP THE FRONT FIRST. You don’t want your hood attached to the long front piece of the bodice, only to the modesty panel, sleeves and back. Make side hood meet at the unzipped edges of the zipper.

Sew on your binding piece to the neck edge of the front boidice right sides together, stretching it to fit and leaving about 3/8 on either side hanging over.

Wrap the ends around the zipper and then fold the binding down, and topstitch for a clean finish.

Enjoy your new nursing friendly hoodie!


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  1. jennathenanny

    Where you say to add interfacing to both sides of the front panel, inner bodice and sleeves, you mean both right and left or front and back?

    1. Julie Davidson

      Yes, Add the interfacing to the front on both shoulder seams. As well as the front should seam on both sleeves.

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