Slouchy Pocket Hack-Calgary Cardigan

Hey everyone, Jody here to show you another pocket hack for the Calgary Cardigan, a slouchy pocket! If you
recall when the Calgary pattern released, I wrote up a simple hack for adding pockets to the
hip length version. You can find that post here.

I knew after I made that first pocket hack, that I wanted to do something similar on the tunic
length view.  I had a vision of oversized, slouchy pockets, and following a similar method, I
created the look below.

Slouchy Pocket


Getting Started

The steps are going to be somewhat similar to the previously posted pocket hack, with two
small changes that give it the slouchy look!
First you’ll need to have your front bodice pattern piece, a straight edge, a marking tool, and
some tracing paper. (Note that I am using my projector, so even though I don’t have a
physical pattern piece, you can see the image of my front bodice pattern piece!) See our post on Projector Sewing here.



Making Your Slouchy Pocket Pattern Piece

To make your pocket pattern piece, start by tracing the curved edge of your front bodice
pattern onto your tracing paper. (the solid line shown below) You can choose the depth and
size of your pockets… I made mine deep enough to securely hold my phone. Next, lightly
trace your side seam to use as a reference point only in your next few steps. (The dotted line



Next you will want to use your straight edge to draw the top edge of your pocket piece. I
angle mine down slightly from the curved edge out to the side seam. Also, make sure to
extend the straight edge beyond your existing side seam as this is what gives the pocket
the slouchy-ness. You can see I extended mine about 1.5”.




The next step is to pivot the pattern piece at the bottom corner, keeping it aligned there
and bringing the outside edge of the straight line you drew in towards the side seam.



Now, you will need to redraw the side seam for your pocket piece (The new solid line



Make sure you label the top edge as the fold, and its also a good idea to write down other
important pattern information on the piece so it doesn’t get lost. I added the pattern
name as well as size and view on mine in addition to labeling the fold. Then o ahead and
cut out your new pattern piece along the solid lines! (You will just ignore your old side
seam, like my dotted line, or erase it if you used pencil)



You will need to cut TWO pocket pieces on the fold, mirror images.



This is roughly what the pocket piece looks like unfolded, FYI. Yours may be slightly
different based on your angle and size of your pocket!



Sewing Your Pocket

Cut your front bodice pieces as usual and fold your new pocket pieces in half, wrong
sides together.



Place your folded pocket piece on top of your bodice piece, fold at the top of the pocket
and aligning along the curved edge. Pin or clip the pocket onto the bodice along the



Now you will notice the pocket doesn’t align along the outside edge since we created
that angle for the slouch factor. You will need to fold the pocket onto itself a bit in order
to align the outside edge. Once the outside edge is aligned, pin or clip along that edge as



Baste the pocket into place on top of the bodice.



Finishing The Cardigan

Now you have a finished front bodice piece with the slouchy pocket. Repeat for the other
front bodice piece, and then you may continue assembling the cardigan per the pattern,
simply treating each bodice piece with pocket as one piece.



The finished result is a cozy cardigan with fun slouchy pockets… perfect for fall!



Make sure to head over to our Facebook group or Instagram #newhorizonssewing to show off your beautiful new slouchy pocket Calgary Cardigans.


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