Pockets for Calgary Cardigan-Hack!
Pockets for Calgary Cardigan

Jody, from Argyleandpearls, is going to be sharing how to add pockets to the hip length Calgary Cardigan.

Showing phone in the pocket of Calgary Cardigan


When I went to sew up my assigned version of the Calgary Cardigan, I realized the length I was assigned, hip length, wasn’t compatible with the included pocket option of the pattern. I was a little sad my cardigan couldn’t have pockets because I want pockets on every garment possible, but I was a good tester and completed my assigned version anyway.  I realized after I completed it, that the shape of the front bodice was perfect to add front pockets to!  The concept is similar to the hack Katrina wrote up for adding pockets onto the side panels of the Summit Peak. You can find that blog post here.


Close up of hand in pocket of Calgary Cardigan

Creating the pocket

Using the front bodice pattern piece, you will create a new pattern piece for the pocket itself.  I chose to curve pocket opening slightly to mimic all the curves already incorporated into the cocoon shape of the cardigan itself.  You can see the black outline of the bodice pattern piece, and I’ve shown the new pattern piece for the pocket I am creating with the pink outline.  You can tweak it to give you the shape and size you’d like along the top. For mine, I chose a height tall enough to fit my phone securely and also added that little curve detail.


Drafting pocket


Cut all the pieces according to the pattern, then also cut 2 pocket pieces using the pattern piece you just created, mirror images.  For finishing the top edge, you can either fold it to the wrong side and edgestitch to hem it, or make a band. On my version, I made a band, cutting a strip 1.75” tall and the width just a little narrower than my pocket opening, so I could stretch it just a little bit when attaching it.


lining band up with the top of the pocket


Stitch band in place at the top of the pocket

Attaching the pocket

Once you have finished the top edge of your pocket, place the pocket piece on top of the front bodice piece.  It’s a good idea to baste along the curve and side of the pocket to hold the pocket in place for the remainder of the cardigan assembly.  You will treat the pocket and bodice as one piece from here on, finishing assembly and attaching the band per the pattern!


Pocket clipped on to front bodice


Pocket clipped to front bodice

I will note that because the pockets sit higher on the bodice than pockets normally do, they aren’t really functional for standing with your hands in them comfortably, but they are more than functional when it comes to carrying your necessities (like a phone), which is my primary objective when it comes to pockets!

I also wanted to also mention that even though the inseam pockets are included in the pattern for the tunic length option, this pocket hack would also work for that length if you were wanting a different look!

Finished Look! Pockets for the Calgary Cardigan


Close up of phone in the pocket

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