Lining the Summit Peak Hoodie

Hi! This is Amanda from MeadowSews and today I’m going to show you two ways to line the Summit Peak hoodie! Lining the Summit Peak hoodie can be done in two ways. The first method gives you a fully lined hoodie with a seamless hood. The second makes a reversible hoodie with pocket access from both sides!


Lining the Summit Peak Hoodie with Seamless Hood

I wanted to line this hoodie because I got this awesome panel and coordinate, but they were only available on a cotton lycra. It needed to be warmer and thicker hoodie for a special kid I know who lives in a cold climate! 



We’ll start with cutting! Cut the Summit Peak as normal for the outer layer. I used a panel for the Front A Bodice. The coordinate was used for Front B, the Back Bodice, the sleeves and the outer hood. I used my lining material for the cuffs, waistband, hood lining, and pocket pieces. For the body lining, I overlapped Front A and B pattern pieces by the seam allowance. In the lining material, cut one Front Bodice one Back Bodice, and the sleeves. 


Summit Peak lining and main fabrics cut out ready to sew



Follow the directions in the pattern to sew the pocket together with the outer Front Bodices A and B.

Attach the sleeves and the back and stitch the sides. 


Summit Peak outer bodice assembled


Stitch the Front Bodice lining together with the sleeves lining and the back lining and stitch the side seams.



Summit Peak bodice lining assembled


Follow the directions in the pattern to sew the outer hood and the hood lining together. Quarter the necklines of the assembled hood and both bodices. I like to match my clip colors. I use blue for the back, pink for the front, and yellow or purple for the sides. This is very helpful when you’re matching up layers in the next step!


Summit Peak hood with lining attached


Turning Hoodie Right Sides Out and Attaching Waistbands and Cuffs

Turn the Outer Bodice inside out and insert the hood into the neckline, right sides together, and match the quarters. Turn the Bodice Lining right side out. Insert it into the hood so the necklines line up and match the quarters. The layers from the outside in are: Outer Bodice wrong side out, Outer Hood right side out, Hood Lining wrong side out, Bodice Lining right side out. Baste together so the layers don’t shift while sewing, and then stitch.


To turn the hoodie right side out start by holding the hood, pulling the Outer Bodice down over the hood. Then tuck the Bodice Lining inside the Outer Bodice. For a brief moment it may look like your hoodie is swallowing an octopus, just keep going here!


Turn the outer bodice right sides out and tuck the lining inside


Tuck the Lining inside the Outer Bodice and the sleeves. Make sure the seams line up and the sleeves aren’t twisted. Baste the lower front Outer Bodice together with the bottom of the pocket and the Lining. Stitch the cuffs and waistband on as in the pattern directions, catching both the Outer Layer and the Lining. And you have a fully lined Summit Peak hoodie!

Summit Peak hoodie complete with Harry Potter Theme


Shows Summit Peak from the Lining side


Side by side of the the outer main Summit Peak and the lining


Close up of Summit Peak pocket

Reversible Hoodie with Pocket Access on Both Sides

I got this adorable minky for a little girl who wanted to show her love of Harry Potter and the color pink at the same time. Finding that combination is hard to find! This was originally a blanket panel, though, and the wrong side was rough and plasticy. It needed to be lined, but I also wanted her to have access to her pockets at all times!



We start again with cutting! Even though the final hoodie is reversible, I will call the minky side the Outer and the floral/abstract side the Inner. Cut two of each of these pieces, one in the Outer fabric and one in the Inner: Front A, Front B, Back, Sleeves (two sets of mirror images), and Hood. Also cut 2 wrist cuffs, 1 set of waistbands, and 1 set of pockets.


Reversible Summit Peak hoodie pieces cut out


Assembling the Bodice

Follow the directions in the pattern to stitch one pocket piece right sides together with Outer Front A using a 1/4” seam allowance. (Keeping the seam allowance here is what keeps the pocket lining from showing!) Stitch the other pocket piece right sides together with Inner Front A. Mark the edges of the pocket openings.


Summit Peak hoodie pocket attached to the main and lining front bodices


Place Outer Front B right sides together with Outer Front A, on top of the pocket. Copy pocket edge markings over. Clip Outer Front B at the top to hold it and place it inside the pocket. Use wonder tape to hold the side seams together at the top and bottom. This will allow your pocket to lie smoothly. With the pocket pushed out of the way use a 3/8” seam allowance stitch the top and bottom of the side seam. Backstitch at the pocket opening. 

Attaching bodice piece A and B


Summit Peak front bodice B inside of the pocket


Turn right side out. Repeat with the Inner Front A and B. Do not baste the bottom of the pockets here though.


Summit Peak front bodice outer assembled


Summit Peak hoodie front bodice lining


Follow the pattern directions to attach the sleeves, back, and stitch the side seams for the Outer and Inner Bodices. 


Summit Peak outer bodice assembled


Summit Peak inner bodice assembled


Follow the pattern directions to assemble the lined Hood, including the Outer and Inner Hood layers. Also, stitch the short ends of the cuffs and waistband together.


Summit Peak hoodie cuffs and bands


Quarter the waistband and the bottom of the Outer and Inner Bodice openings. 


Turn the Outer Bodice wrong side out and insert the Inner Bodice into it, right sides together and fronts together. Insert the waistband in between the Outer and Inner Bodices and stitch. It is important that you do *not* catch the bottom of the pocket pieces.


Summit Peak waist band inserted


The bottom of the pocket pieces should not be attached yet. 


Summit Peak with band attached but without the pocket sewn in


Tuck one pocket piece into the other so they are right sides together. Stitch the bottom only together.


Summit Peak with pocket sewn


Turn the hoodie right side out by pulling the Outer Bodice down, so you can see the waistband. Then pull the Inner Bodice out through the neck hole and tuck it inside. 


Summit Peak right side out


At this point I stitched the Outer Hood to the Outer Bodice. So in the following pictures you will see the hood attached. You can do this now or later, it’s your choice. Do not stitch the Inner Hood to the Inner Bodice yet if you have fully assembled your Hood!


Make sure the Inner Bodice is aligned at the shoulders and sleeves with the Outer and isn’t twisted.



Going through the neck opening and in between the bodice layers, find one side of the pocket opening. The opening is where the pocket pattern piece is stitched to the two Front As. What you are doing now is stitching the Outer Front B to the Inner Front B, to close the open seam next to the pocket. Align the two Front Bs at the markings and stitch using a 1/4″ seam allowance, being careful not to catch the inside layers. Wonder tape helps a lot (as always!)


Summit peak Side of pocket


Summit Peak hoodie Sides Aligned



Repeat for the other side of the pocket. 


Fold the hoodie outward to expose the top of the pocket pieces. Stitch across the top to close up the pocket. 


Summit Peak top of pocket


Summit Peak top of pocket sewn



Turning the Bodice Right Side Out

Flip the Outer Bodice back over the Inner Bodice by reaching inside the Outer Bodice and pulling it out. You will get a hoodie octopus again, but keep going!


Summit Peak turning the hoodie right side out


Sew a small block at the bottom of the pockets through all layers.


Summit Peak block stitch through all of the layers


And the main bodice is done!

Finishing up

To finish up, turn the cuff piece inside out and insert the sleeve into it. Stitch together the Outer sleeve and the Inner sleeve with one side of the cuff, using a seam allowance of 1/4″.


Summit Peak cuffs


Summit Peak clipping cuff in place


Summit Peak cuff sewn in place


Turn the entire sleeve inside out and fold over the cuff to cover the seam. Wonder tape it in place! 


Summit Peak reversible sleeve cuff


Summit Peak attaching cuff using wonder tape


Turn the sleeve right side out again and topstitch the seam with a double needle or a zigzag stitch.




Repeat with the second sleeve and cuff.


If you haven’t attached the Outer Hood yet, do so now. Make sure to catch both the Outer and Inner necklines in the seam. If you stitched it on previously, baste the Inner bodice neckline to the Outer neckline seam. Pull the Inner hood through and up and turn the hoodie so the Inner bodice is out. Fold the seam allowance at the edge of the Inner Hood over to the wrong side at the neckline and press. You could use wonder tape to hold it in place. Quarter the Hood and the neckline. 



Wonder tape the Inner Hood to the Inner Bodice, section by section.


Summit Peak inner hood attached with wonder tape




Summit Peak topstitched neckline


And you have a finished fully reversible Summit Peak with pocket access on both sides!


Summit Peak outer completed


Summit Peak inner completed


Summit Peak inner and outer side by side


Now that you are done lining your Summit Peak hoodie make sure to head over to our Facebook group. We love when people share their beautiful creations with us.


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