Skort: Bourbon Street and Carita Jogger Mash Up


Hello everyone, An Ca from flaxfield_sewing here.  I hope you are well? The last period I have a bit of a sewing dip.  Not a great deal because I have plenty of hobbies. One of them is stepping and hiking with my dogs.

When I do that, long pants are not always comfortable but I am actually not a fan of the look of a pair of shorts on me.


To solve this problem I came up with a super fun pattern mash between the Bourbon street skirt and the Carita joggers to make a Skort!

And so 2 hobbies come together 😉.



Do you know what a skort is?  A skort is a skirt with a pair of shorts hidden underneath.



I love this mash so much and it’s so easy to sew!

Are you following my tutorial with me?



First you need to print the skirt pattern piece of the Bourbon Street Skirt (I took the mini length) and the waistband, front and back pattern pieces of the Carita joggers.




Place the skirt pattern piece on the front pattern piece of the Carita.  Make sure the waistline is neatly arranged on top of each other.  Then draw the bottom edge of the skirt on the Carita.  This is the maximum length (- hem allowance) that your shorts may have.




Now draw a line from the highest point of the line you just drew, perpendicular to your grainline.





Because I wanted my shorts to be a bit shorter, I took another 1.5 inches off this length.  My inseam is now 8.5 inches.  Measure the same inseam length on the back pattern piece and from this point on, draw a perpendicular line on the grainline.

Cut your Fabric

On the newly drawn lines cut the back and front pattern pieces.





Cut the pattern parts out of your fabric (2x the skirt part of the Bourbon skirt on fold, 2x the back of the carita joggers , 2x the front of the carita joggers, 1x the waistband of the carita).





Because I sew my skort with athletic knit I don’t use pins but wonder clips to hold my fabrics.  Another tip I can give when sewing with athletic knit is to use  “super stretch” needles.  These needles have an extra rounded tip and a special needle eye so that they do not damage the fabric.


Now on to the real thing… sewing.

Sew the Bourbon skirt and the carita joggers as described in the instructions.  Wait to attach the waistband.




Put the shorts in to the skirt, wrong side of the skirt against the right side of the shorts. Match the center front skirt with the center front shorts and the center back skirt with the center back shorts.  Align the raw edges at the top and baste together.


Place the waistband inside the skirt, right sides together. Match the center front with the center front waistband, the center back with the center back waistband.  Align the raw edges at the top and stitch together.





You did it!  Your skort is ready, congratulations!


If you love my work you can follow me on my blog: Flaxfield Sewing or on Instagram: flaxfield_sewing.


X An Ca


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