Color Blocking Carita Joggers

Kiran is with us today to show us how to add a fun color blocking stripe down the side of the Carita Joggers. The Pattern is available in women and girl’s sizing.


Want to know my favourite kind of attire?




It doesn’t mean I have been active that day. To be quite honest, it never does mean I have been active that day! Hehe… but it definitely means I am as comfortable as an old shoe. Activewear has been taking the fashion world by storm and here at Pattern Niche, our activewear range is definitely something you can chill out and look great in.


A short while back, my daughter pointed out a (brand name) pair of joggers and asked if I could sew her something that looked similar. It had stripe with wordings down each side. My mind immediately went to my Carita joggers pattern and I knew it would be an easy hack to do.


Let me walk you through the steps of how you too can hack your Carita pattern to incorporate a stripe down each side.


Print Your Pattern

Step 1:Print out the pattern in your size. It’s important to try to use the layers tool in the pdf file because it makes blending and hacks much easier to do without mixing up between the pattern lines.


Adding the Color Blocking

Step 2: Grab the Carita back piece and mark out the size of stripe you need. I would suggest something in the range of 1-3 inches. For this hack, I used 2.5 inches. Cut out the paper pattern and before you cut into your fabric, make sure to add a seam allowance of 3/8” (1 cm) to both cut edges that will be joined by a seam. Please refer to the illustration.


Sewing the Joggers

Step 3: Join the stripe to the back of the Carita using a stretch stitch. Press the seam away from the stripe. If desired, top stitch the seam down.




Step 4: Piece together your Carita Joggers as per the tutorial. (If you have topstitched the stripe seam, I would suggest topstitching the seam where the back piece is stitched to the front as well)




Tip: If you were to choose to sew the pocket option, you can still use this hack because it doesn’t require you to tamper with the front jogger pattern piece! Isn’t that just lovely!


We hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you do sew up this Carita jogger hack, don’t forget to post it in our Facebook group and tag us on Instagram. #patternniche We are just thrilled to see what you create.




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