Day Dreamer Romper and Carita mash up

I dunno about you, but Carita Joggers make my comfy dreams come true… so when I saw the Day Dreamer
Romper I (of course) thought about how to incorporate beloved Carita. Something about having the cuffs
snuggled around my ankles is pretty dreamy, so let me walk you through how I made my comfy mash up!

Mashing Your Patterns


Front Pieces

First, grab your Day Dreamer romper front and back pattern pieces and your Carita joggers front and back
pattern pieces.

Begin by laying your Day Dreamer romper front pattern piece right side up, and then lay your Carita Jogger
front leg piece on top so the crotch points are adjacent and aligned vertically (so we can keep the Day
Dreamer crotch depth in our mash up). You’ll notice the Day Dreamer pattern has more ease than the Carita
Joggers, but we’ll account for that in a few steps.


Align (make parallel) the grainline markings of each pattern piece so the orientation of the inner and outer leg
seams will be correct as we phase the Day Dreamer leg shape into the Carita shape.



Draw a line down from the crotch point on the Day Dreamer pattern piece, following the shape of the Carita
pattern piece while adding some ease (I added about an inch).


Repeat with the outer leg seam, also adding some ease here (I did about 1/2 inch). As you can see, I also
added an inch of length from where the Carita hem would be.



Next, fold the edge of the Day Dreamer pattern piece up, so that it will be out of the way when we go to cut our
pattern pieces out. Alternately you can cut along the line you drew if you don’t wish to re-convert your Day
Dreamer pattern pieces back into the wide leg version.


When you are done folding, your front pattern piece should look something like this, with 3 sides of the leg
folded up into the new jogger type shape.



Measure the distance from the bottom of your Carita pattern piece to the bottom of your Day Dreamer romper
pattern piece. This will help us align the corresponding back pattern pieces for the next step.



Back Pieces


Repeat the front pattern pieces process with the rear Day Dreamer Romper and rear Carita jogger leg pattern
pieces. first align the crotch heights, then grainlines.



Ensure the distance between the back Carita bottom hem and the back Day Dreamer Romper bottom hem
match the distance you measured on the corresponding front pattern pieces.




Draw the back Carita jogger outline (with added ease) onto the back Day Dreamer Romper pattern piece.


Fold (or cut) the edges of the back Day Dreamer Romper pattern piece up out of the way like you did with the
front piece. You will end up with this.


Cutting Your Fabric



Cut out your Day Dreamer pattern pieces, taking care to follow the lines as closely as you can while working
around the folded paper.


You will Also need to cut out the bottom cuff pattern pieces from the Carita pattern, but also be sure to widen
the pieces to account for the ease we added to the legs.


Assemble the Day Dreamer Romper per the pattern tutorial.



As you are nearing completion of the romper construction, instead of hemming the bottoms of the
romper/jogger legs, we will be adding the widened cuffs we cut out.



Construct the cuffs per the Carita Jogger tutorial and then pin in place right sides together with the bottom raw
edge of the Romper/Jogger pants. Stitch in place.



Congratulations, you’re finished! Enjoy your delightful Day Dreamer Jogger romper and don’t forget to share
photos in our Pattern Niche facebook group!


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