Portlander Pockets!

You read that right, Terra has added a pocket piece to the Portlander Pants. Woo!

If you have already purchased the pattern then all you need to do is log into your account and download the new file named Portlander Pants Pocket.

If you haven’t purchased the Portlander Pants you can do so here and the pocket piece will be included.

Once you get the pocket piece printed (or all of the pieces if this is your first pair), cut out two mirror images of your pocket.


I like to finish my raw edges with a serger. You may use a zig zag stitch or leave it raw. Knits don’t fray so you shouldn’t have to worry about that.


After finishing your edge. Fold it over 3/4” to the wrong side and top stitch in place.



You can choose to finish  your pocket edges with a serger, zig zag, or leave them raw.  You don’t have to finish the top or side as those will be sewn into the seam allowance.


Take your front pant piece, with right side up, and position your pocket matching top and side seam.


Top stitch in place around your finished edge. I used a standard straight stitch, you can use a zig zag or if you have a coverstitch this is a great place to use that too.


Assemble your pants the rest of the way following the pattern instructions.


Another variation of the Portlanders that you can do is banded shorts! Kirsten made these up and they are just too cute.




To make them, cut your desired inseam.  Sew together per pattern instructions.  Measure your finished leg opening and subtract 1”.

Make your bands 2.5” wide x (your measured length). Cut two.

  Sew the ends together right sides facing. Fold in half length wise wrong sides together and sew onto your leg openings, matching raw edges . Easy Peasy 🙂

And if you like Kirsten’s awesome Vinyl on her tank. She has the design listed for sale in her shop!

Enjoy making some fabulous new Portlanders!


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