Janome 1200D Combo Machine
Janome 1200D Review

Have you ever had a machine that you fell in love with?  That’s how I feel about my Janome 1200D!  This machine is so versatile and allows me to complete my projects with a professional finish.


This serger / Coverstitch machine does everything from a 2 thread chainstitch to a 5 thread overlock to fancy Coverstitch finishes.  You can finish the edges of your seams with secure 3 or 4 thread overlock stitches, sew a seam and finish the edge at the same time with a 5 thread overlock, do a rolled hem, and topstitch with one of the many Coverstitch options.  It is an easy to use, all in one type of machine that allows you to make a vast variety of garments in a plethora of fabrics.


I don’t want to spend much time on the standard serge settings of this machine, because let’s face it, almost every serger does them.  I always marvelled at the “high end” labels that used the fancy stitches to topstitch on garments.  As a seamstress, one of my mantra’s is “I can make that better and for less!”  Since getting the Janome 1200D, this has become a truth.


The variety of Coverstitch options of this machine is amazing.  You can do a 2 needle narrow stitch, a 2 needle wide stitch, a 3 needle stitch and the fancy 5 thread Coverstitch that looks similar on the inside and the outside!



I used to have to overlock my raw edges first and the topstitch my hems.  No more!  I save so much time using the Coverstitch because it takes care of two steps at once.  I don’t know about you, but I am always trying to find ways save time and materials.




In closing, if you are looking to make professional quality finishes for your clothing, look no further than the Janome 1200D!


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