Full zip Elevation Hoodie!

Adding a full front zipper to the Elevation Hoodie (kids, womens, and mens)

Here’s another fun hack to help us celebrate the 10K members in our group.

Grab your copy of the Elevation Hoodie and lets get started.

You’ll need to adjust front piece A, B, C, hood, pockets, and waistband.

Here are the lengths for the zippers needed.

Instead of cutting Front pieces A, B, and C on the fold, you will add 3/8” to the fold line and cut out two pieces (mirrored)

For the pocket pieces, you will need to adjust pocket piece B. We will add 3/8″ to the fold line and cut out two mirrored pieces.

For the hood you will want to mark 1 1/4” from the center fold and blend it to the font of the hood. You will also need to re mark your eyelet hole. For that you will measure 1/2” from the center mark (towards the back seam) and parallel to the original eyelet marking. We will not be using the top eyelet as we aren’t crossing over.

Fold on the new red line and cut two (mirrored)

For the waistband you will also make a new cut line 3/8” from the fold line. You will cut two with this new piece, and one from the original piece cut on the fold.

That’s it for all of the adjusted pieces, cut the rest of the pattern as the instructions tell you to.

Constructing the new front piece.

We are going to start with the pockets. Gather your front piece C and  two pocket piece A.

Transfer the pocket markings to the front of front bodice C

Apply interfacing and markings onto the front side of pocket piece A’s

Match up the pocket piece A to the front bodice piece C

Create your welt pocket as instructed in the pattern.

Gather your new front bodice piece C’s and the pocket piece B (the bag)

Place pocket piece B onto of pocket piece A aligning all edges. Stitch with a 1/4” seam allowance on all sides except the side that meets the middle.

Take front piece B and align it right sides together to the top of front piece C and stitch together.

Take front piece A and align it right sides together with front piece B and stitch in place.

Finish the center edge with a serger to keep everything in place.

Sew together the back bodice and sleeves as per the directions.

Align the shoulder seams on the back bodice with the front bodice. Stitch together.

Attach the sleeves per the instructions.

Stitch the side seams and arms per instructions.

Add the sleeve cuffs.

Take the 3 waistband pieces and align the short ends of the long piece with the short pieces and stitch.

Fold wrong sides together.

Align right sides of the new waistband and the bodice bottom. Stitch in place stretching as needed.

Align the right sides of the zipper with the front bodice with teeth facing away from the center. Pin in place.

Using a zipper foot stitch in place 1/8” away from the zipper teeth. Trim off any extra zipper tape at the neckline.

Flip the zipper to the wrong side so zipper teeth are facing each other and topstitch in place.

Add your eyelets to your hood pieces per instructions. Sew the back seam.

Align your hood right sides together with your hoodie neckline extending the edge of the hood 1 1/4” past the center.

Take the extra piece and wrap it around covering the zipper teeth.

Stitch in place.

Fold the edge of the hood over 1 1/4” and stitch in place.

Add your drawstring and you’re done!

Happy Sewing!



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