Spaghetti strap hack for Bayside Romper

I’m having so much fun with the new Bayside Romper! I decided to do another hack to it again! I’ve taken the crossover front bodice hack and added spaghetti straps and shortened it to a capri length.

Because there isn’t a sleeve or binding around the shoulder, the bodice should be fairly fitted. Start by removing 1″ at the armpit and tapering it into the waist. That will remove a total of 4″.

Then take the front bodice piece and measure down 4 1/2″ from the top shoulder. Now I’m using the sleeve cut line because I’m not adding bands. Then draw a slightly curved line from the curved edge of the bodice to the armpit. Try to blend into the curve that’s there already. And then cut at the line and it’s the new bodice piece! Repeat with the other side.

Now repeat this for the back pieces, only measure down 5 1/2″ and draw and cut there.

Then take the new binding piece that was created with the crossover front hack and draw a line 1/4″ down from the top and cut it off.

Now we’re going to add some markings to the binding pattern piece. The first one will be at 3 1/2″ from the fold line and the second one at 4 3/8″. The markings will be where the top of the bodice hits.

Now for the sewing! As with all knits, use a stretch stitch and a ball point needle when sewing.

Take one of the front bodice pieces and place it wrong side up. Fold under the armpit area 3/8″ and stitch in place. Repeat with the other front bodice piece and both back bodice pieces.


Now place the binding right side down onto the curved edge of one of the front bodice pieces. Using the mark you created at 3 1/2″, align it at the top of the bodice and stretch the rest of the binding to fit the curve. Stitch in place with 3/8″ seam allowance.

Then take the corresponding back piece and align the other side of the binding to the curved edge. Match the mark you created at 4 3/8″ to the top of the back bodice. Stretch the binding to fit and stitch in place.

Now fold open the binding so that it lays away from the bodice piece.


When you lay both bodice pieces flat, the binding will naturally follow the fold created with the seam attaching to binding to the bodice. Press flat, making sure the fold is 3/8″ wide.

Now fold over the opposite side of the binding to meet at the top of the seam allowance on the bodices. Press flat. This will look like bias tape now.

Now fold the binding over one more time encasing the bodice inbetween the binding. Fold it over to just covering the stitching from earlier that attached the binding. Stitch in place.

Repeat with the other bodice pieces and you’re ready to go to follow the rest of the pattern!

And now lets do the capri length hack. Just take the pants pieces and measure 7″ up from the bottom and draw a line across the pants leg there.

Then measure the bottom of the pant leg. You want to keep that same width for the hemline on the carpri’s.








Now center that measurement on the line you drew 7″ up from the bottom. Blend the sides of the pant to that new width. Repeat with the other pieces and you’re done!

Happy Sewing!



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