New Horizons Patterns 101

Getting to know your PDF pattern and how to print and assemble it!

First things first, where do you buy our patterns? Head to and click on the tab at the top of the page that says shop.


Once you have picked out and paid for your patterns you will want to go into your account to download them to your computer to print.

Once in your account you will select your downloads tab.

Here is where it can get a little over whelming if you have a lot of purchases. Or even if this is your first purchase from us.

There are three different files for each pattern.

.PDF,  A4.pdf, and A0.pdf

For United States residents (Paper size 8.5” x 11”)  you will want to print off the .PDF version.

After you download your pattern it will be saved in your downloads folder on your computer. Open your pattern using Adobe Acrobat.  The best way to determine if you downloaded the correct file is to look at the top of your opened file and see that it says .PDF

This is what your opening page should look like.

Along the left hand side are some tabs. Click on the bottom tab that looks like sheets of paper stacked.

Click on the arrow that is pointing to the right to reveal the layers.

DO NOT UNCHECK PAGES, TEXT, OR THE PAPER SIZE.  Uncheck all other boxes except for the size that you wish to print.  The page size will also tell you that you downloaded the correct file for your paper size.

You may choose to print all the sizes at once and trace the different sizes off as you need. The patterns are nested in a way that they are easily traceable.

Onto the printing. After you have selected your size in the layers, Scroll down in your pattern to find the page number that the pattern starts on. On the women’s Key West Tank the pattern pieces start on page 13.

Our patterns are printed in landscape and you want to make sure that scaling is set to none, or custom scale 100%.

I suggest printing the page with the 2” square on it to make sure that you have printed your pattern correctly.

Assembling the pattern is pretty easy. There is a border around the sides of the pattern that indicate how much overlap there should be. This border is 3/4” Start with the first row of pages and overlap them matching the pattern lines.

Continue on with the next row, overlapping again at the top and sides.

Sometimes pages may not line up exactly, this will depend on how your printer prints. You can almost always make it work, but please know that we are very diligent in making sure our patterns line up prior to releasing the pattern so try and re print those pages.

**Note, If you have a large window (sliding glass door) it helps with matching the pattern lines if you need a little help.

For International residents you will want to download the A4.PDF, this is for paper size 8.27” x 11.69”

Double checking that you download the correct file by looking at the top of your open Adobe Acrobat reader, and also in your layers tab.

Uncheck the sizes you don’t need but keep the pages, text, and paper size checked.

The printing and assembly are the same as for the US residents. Paper overlap is still 3/4” You will want to take note that the page numbers might be different then the .PDF as A4 paper size is a different size.

 The last file in your downloads option is the A0.PDF file. This is also know as copy shop size and is 33.1” x 46.8”

This file only contains the pattern pieces, you will still have to download one of the other options to get the written construction directions.

There are many different options as to where you can get your A0 pattern printed. You can find a local shop or you can use an online source.

This online store has been recommended to me.

US printing

International printing,

Happy Sewing!




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