Neckband for the Tami and Summit Peak Hoodies

If you love the Summit Peak and Tami hoodies, but want to change it up and ditch the hood, this tutorial is for you! It’s a super easy hack that can produce a completely different look!

Cutting out your pieces

If you want to make the Tami or Summit Peak in women’s sizing with a neckband instead of hood, you can cut out all of the normal pieces per the instructions except the hood. Instead of cutting the hood pieces, you can use the free neckband file in our Facebook group and cut that instead.

If you want to make the Summit Peak in Men’s or children’s sizing, there are no pattern pieces, but I’ll show you here how to do it! You will also cut all of the normal pieces per the instructions except the hood.


1.Once you have your pieces, you will construct the garment per the instructions, skipping any hood-related steps.


2.If making the women’s sizing of the Tami hoodie or the Summit Peak, skip this step. If making the Summit Peak in men’s or children’s sizing,  measure your neck opening. Cut a neckband that measures 85% of the opening plus a seam allowance. I cut mine at 1.75”, but it’s personal preference!



Sewing the neckband

3.Next, match the short ends of the neckband with right sides together. Sew the short sides together.


4. Fold the neckband so that the wrong sides are now together, with the raw edges matching. Mark the quarter points of the neckband piece.


5. Match the seam on the neckband with the middle of the back neck opening. Pin or clip the remaining 3 points to the corresponding quarter points of the neck opening. Sew using a stretch stitch to attach. And voila! You are ready to enjoy your amazing new hoodie sans the hood!





Finished Summit Peak





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