Carita ruched side drawstring hack
Ruched Side Drawstring

Carita Joggers are one of my beloved wardrobe staples. I have more Caritas than any other pattern I own and I have always adored the fit, and don’t even get me started on the POCKETS *swoon*. I got this idea to add a fun little drawstring detail on the outside of the calf and am stoked to share the Carita ruched side drawstring hack with you all!

Cutting out your fabric

First you’ll cut out all the pattern pieces that you’d normally use EXCEPT the bottom cuffs. Instead of the cuffs, you’ll cut out 2 pieces that are 2×9 inches (for the drawstring casing), and 2 pieces that are 1.5 x 30 inches (for the drawstrings themselves).






Let’s get started! Begin by assembling the pockets as outlined in the pattern tutorial.



Side Seam

Now, match up a front leg piece with the corresponding back leg piece. With right sides together, pin and sew ONLY the seam that runs up the outside of the leg. We’ll do the inseam later.


With your right and left leg pieces now sewn together on the side seam, lay them flat with the wrong side up and fold/pin the bottom edge up to do a hem. Only hem the middle portion as seen in the photo. We will finish the rest of the hem after constructing the drawstring casing.




Take one of the 2 x 9 inch pieces of fabric and position it centered lengthwise on the outside seam, with wrong sides facing, at the bottom of the leg.


Pin the fabric in place so you can begin constructing the drawstring casing. Stitch down the side seam, securing the middle of the drawstring casing in place lengthwise. I stitched right side up for a cleaner looking seam when seen from the outside.

Next, stitch each long edge of the drawstring casing in place, leaving the top and bottom open to create 2 tubes. I did this step with the fabric wrong side up so I could see where the edge of the casing was.

Repeat with the second leg. The bottom of each leg should now look like this-



Next, with right sides facing, pin the inseam edges of the front and back leg pieces together, to do the inseams for each separate leg. You should have enough space to complete this step without your previous hem getting in the way.

Fold up the remaining part of the bottom hem and stitch in place the part you just folded up. This will finish the bottom hem for each leg


Completing Construction

Now we will finish construction of the Caritas as outlined in the pattern tutorial. With one leg right side out, fit it into the other leg that is inside out.

Match up the edges of the front and back rises and stitch the legs together, creating the center crotch seam.

Next, turn your Caritas right side out and attach the waistband as outlined in the pattern tutorial.



Now that your Caritas are constructed, we will make the drawstrings. Take the 1.5 x 30 inch pieces of fabric and fold in half lengthwise with right sides together.

Stitch along the length of the raw edge of each drawstring piece, creating 2 long tubes. Turn each tube right side out using the method of your choice. I have this handy turning tool that I use.

Next, we will feed the drawstrings through the casings we created earlier, starting at the bottom and going up through one side and down the other.

Lastly, pull your drawstrings as tight as you wish while ruching up the section of the leg where the casing is. Secure the drawstring with a cute bow and you’re all set! I hope you love adding this fun little detail to your net pair of Caritas!


Finished Carita Joggers



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