I’m so excited for the 10k celebration you guys! To kick this off, we’re offering 7 days of 7 hacks! How exciting is that?! Today we’re featuring the Dublin Dolman for women and this amazing twist back hack. And to make it even better, there’s no need to hack the pieces yourself! The twist back pattern pieces are available in the files section of the New Horizons Facebook group. Also, today only the women’s Dublin Doman is on sale for $8!

Twist Back Hack


To start, cut the very awkward looking back piece on the fold. And the back bodice strap.


Then take the Front Bodice piece and measure 1″ up from the neckline and draw a new neckline. (This helps to account for the neckband we won’t be using.)










Next, cut the Front Bodice piece on the fold.

Now take the back piece and sew a narrow 1/4″ hem in the middle curve area on the back that is going to be the twist. You don’t want to hem all the way around, just the middle curve area. I find the best way to sew a narrow hem is to serge the edges, which will stabilize the edge and give me a point for turning the edge under. Don’t forget to use a stretch stitch.

Now we need to create the twist in the back. Take one of the sides, I used the left side, and fold it towards the center bottom. Then fold it under the middle curve and bring it back up to the top position.

Keep the back piece in this position and sew it to the front bodice piece according to the pattern instructions. Then finish all the edges with the 1/4″ hem that you started earlier.  Then hem the sleeves according to the pattern directions.

We’re almost done! Now you just need to sew the back strap piece. Lay it flat and fold it right sides together lengthwise, and stitch together along the length of it using 3/8″ seam allowance. Insert a safety pin on one end and insert it inside the tube you created. Thread the safety pin all the way through to the other side and turn the tube right side out.


Now that you’ve got the back strap piece ready to go, take your shirt and measure 2.5″ down from the shoulder seam on the back piece and place a mark there. Pin the back strap piece on that mark. Repeat with the other side, making sure your back strap piece isn’t twisted. Then stitch in place.

You’re done! Very simple with a dramatic effect and fun for summer!



Don’t forget to enter to win either a coverstitch machine or a brother 1034D Serger! And soooo much fabric! Check the giveaway out here.





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