Copy the look with the Key West!

I ran across this really adorable tank top online, and I just knew I could sew it myself. I used the Key West tank for women (a free pattern which is awesome!) to recreate this look. Their’s is on the left, and mine is on the right.


First I took the slimmer front bodice pattern piece and measured 5 ½” down from the side, starting at the armpit and marked that spot.

Then I measured down from the neckline 6 ⅜” and made a mark there.

And then I connected the marks with a slightly curved upwards line and trimmed off the bottom of the bodice. Don’t toss that part just yet though, you’ll need it for the bottom gathered piece.

I noticed the neckline of the top was higher than the neckline of the Key West. So I measured 1 ½” up from the neckline and marked that spot. Then I drew a new curve for the neckline, blending into the shoulder line.

Next I needed a new back piece too. I used the racerback option of the slimmer back piece. I did the same thing of measuring down the side from the armpit 5 ½” and marking that spot.

The time I want the curve to angle downward on the back, so I measured 12 ⅜” down from the back neckline and marked that spot.

Then I connected the marks with a slightly curved line and trimmed off the bottom piece. So now my bodice top pieces are done.

Now onto that gorgeous gathered piece. Taking the front bodice piece that you trimmed off, measure the length along the fold line and add ¾”. That will be the length for your new piece.

Next measure the width where the piece was trimmed from the top of the bodice. Then multiply that number by 1 ¾. That will be the width of your new piece.


This new piece will be the bottom of your shirt, front and back. So you’ll want to cut 2 of them on the fold.

And now you’re ready for sewing! Sew the bodice according to the directions in the pattern. Instead of adding binding, I found this cute trim that resembled the trim used on their top. I bought 3 yards which ended up being more than enough. I think I really only needed a little over 2 yards. First I serged the edges of the neckline and armholes to help stabilize them and reduce stretching. Then I carefully pinned the edge of the trim to the arms and neckhole. (Make sure both armholes have the same length of trim used and be very careful not to stretch the fabric). Then I sewed it in place so that only the round tassel part would be sticking out. Because the neckline and armholes are curved and not flat, you’ll want to clip the seam allowance to allow the trim to curve.

The I pressed the seam allowance to the inside and topstitched in place.

Then I gathered the bottom bodice piece to the top bodice and stitched it place. The best way to gather is to use clear elastic the same length that you need it gathered to. I measured the bottom edge of the top pattern piece, subtracted ⅜” for the unneeded seam allowance. Then take the length and multiply by 4. Use a zigzag stitch and stretch it as you sew it to the top edge of your bottom bodice piece. It makes gathering easy and keeps your top from having a stretched out look where you’ve gathered the bottom to the bodice.

And then hem the bottom and Viola!






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