Marbella Maternity Hack

The Marbella Tank Maternity Style!

Hello! It’s Tammie from Sewing-4-Sanity sharing my quick and easy Marbella Tank maternity hack!

I’m within a few short weeks of meeting our last baby, but still want to dress in style! Seeing as though this is the last time I plan to need maternity clothes, I have really wanted everything I make to be bump friendly, but also something I can wear post baby.

So…rather than messing with the traditional ruching on the sides (which honestly I find itchy this time around anyways!)…I have been just adding length and making no other mods. The beauty of this is that once my baby arrives and I no longer need to accommodate a bump I either have a regular tunic length shirt (who doesn’t love the tunic and legging combo?!) or I can simply cut off the bottom and re-hem if I want it to be shirt length.

This brings us to the quick and easy steps…

  1. Measure from your shoulder over your bump to the point where you want the shirt to hit. Add an inch to that for the hem. For me, at 36 weeks, I calculated that I needed to add 5” to the pattern to get the total length I needed. (At 37.5 weeks it still fits great at that length J)
  2. Before you cut…make sure you’ve selected a stretchy fabric. That’s key to making this work!
  3. To cut the front, line up your pattern on the fold like normal and then measure out the extra length you calculated.
  4. Here’s what it will look like!
  5. Repeat the same steps for the back…
  6. Here’s what the back will look like!
  7. Now you have your maternity friendly pieces so just finished the pattern as instructed in the pattern tutorial!

Here are some pictures of how mind turned out! I love it and have gotten lots of compliments every time I wear it (which come on, you know to an emotional pregnant person those seem extra awesome/appreciated! )


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