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Hi, It’s Amanda from DerivingMommyhood to share the simplest top that you can make for yourself. The Dublin Dolman! 

The Dublin Dolman is a super versatile top, and the pattern itself has a TON of options both in girl’s and women’s sizing, but today I’m going to share the absolute simplest version to make (no hemming!) and my tips to help it go smoothly.





Pattern Pieces and Fabric Choice

First, you’ll need the following pattern pieces: front bodice, back bodice, neckband, arm band, and standard OR tall band (for the bottom). Make sure you are not using the front or back gathered bodice pieces, and that you’ve cut along the ‘band’ cut line.


Next, choose a suitable fabric. Almost anything goes thankfully! I have versions in double brushed polyester, interlock jersey, cotton lycra jersey, rayon jersey, and even chunky sweater knit that I love! Make sure that there’s enough stretch and that there is good stretch and recovery for your bands (if you choose to use something like a sweater knit for your top, I suggest using a different fabric for bands that will give you a little more bounce-back when you pull on it).



Cut out your pieces next. You’ll need to cut all of the pieces on the fold, making sure that the stretch of the fabric goes opposite the grainline marking on the pattern pieces. I like to mark the fold line on each of my pieces while cutting them out so it is easier to find the centers later on when you match your bands. Make sure that you cut two arm bands and two bottom band pieces.



Sewing the Dublin Dolman

Shoulder seams

First, match and sew up your shoulder seams, with right sides together. Don’t forget the pattern has a 3/8” seam allowance included.


Shoulder seams of the Dublin Dolman



Attaching the Neckband

Next, sew the short ends of your neck band piece with right sides together. 


Neckband clipped right sides together


Neckband sewn together


Then, fold it in half so that the right side is showing and the long raw edges are aligned. Give it a quick press. 


Dublin Dolman Neckband pressed


Mark the opposite side of the seam you just sewed (that will be the center front) and find the points halfway between center front and center back.



Match the center back of the neckband to the center back of the bodice with right sides together (I like to leave the shirt inside out for this part), the center fronts, and the halfway points between. Note: the shoulder seams will not be halfway between the center front and center back. You can stretch your neckband between these points and add more pins/clips if you like, making sure that you don’t stretch the shirt itself. Sew the neckband to the shirt. Baste first if you have a hard time sewing neckbands!


Dublin Dolman Neckband clipped in place




Close up of Dublin Dolman neckband


Sewing the Side Seams

Clip the front and back bodices with the fabric right sides together at the side seams and stitch in place.


Sewing the Armbands

You’ll repeat the neckband steps for the armbands. Sew the short sides together, then fold them in half right sides out aligning the long edge, place them inside the shirt so that your raw edges are aligned. The armbands will not need to stretch to fit. Sew them in place.

Dublin Dolman Arm bands




Bottom Band of the Dublin Dolman

Last, you’ll sew the bottom band. You will have two bottom band pieces on the women’s sizing version, so sew the short ends (right sides together) on each to create a long tube. Once again, you’ll fold the band in half so that the raw edges are aligned with right sides out. Match the side seams of the shirt to the seams you just sewed on the band, then find center front and back and match those as well. Stretch the band to fit without stretching the shirt and sew it in place.  





Dublin Dolman attaching the bottom band




Now you have a finished Dublin Dolman! Share in our Facebook group and tag us on Instagram so that we can see!!





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