Color Blocked Deer Creek Dress Hack

This color blocked version of the Deer Creek Tunic & Dress is absolutely stunning! The visual detail of the added vertical bodice lines really takes this dress up a notch. Continue reading to find out how to do it too!

You’ll be working with the bodice pieces to create this look. All other pattern pieces are unchanged.

Start with the Front Bodice piece and measure the width of the sleeve cap.


Divide the measurement in half and mark the shoulder.

Next measure the bottom of the bodice width.


Divine the measurements into thirds and mark 1/3 of the measurement closest to the bodice side.

Following the angle of the shoulder, draw a curved line connecting the two marks.

Cut the bodice along the drawn line.

Place extra paper underneath the pattern pieces and add 3/8″ (1cm) seam allowance to both pieces.

Then repeat all these steps with the back bodice. Make sure the shoulder width is the same as the front pieces.

Cut your bodice pieces. The sides can be cut opposite the grain to create a fun visual like when you’re using stripes.

Place one of the smaller side pieces right sides together with the main back bodice, aligned at the new color blocked cut lines. Stitch in place.

Repeat with the other side. Then repeat with the front bodice pieces.

Now sew the tunic or dress according to the pattern directions. Enjoy your new color blocked Deer Creek!




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